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You will never say this again!


 I am Andrea, and this is Alegre Spanish!

Alegre means joyful or cheerful in Spanish. It is a beautiful word, and it also happens to be my last name!

Alegre defines not only my personality but my teaching style as well. So, if you are looking for serious and boring Spanish lessons, this is not the place!

Here, you will have fun while learning!

🤓 How will you learn?

Fun lessons with lots of listening

Say adiós to boring lessons! I don’t like that. Here, you will learn Spanish through stories, videos, and songs.

At your own pace

¿Estás siempre ocupado? Don’t have time to follow a schedule? Don’t panic; you can do the courses at your own pace.

Practice activities

Test your learning with quizzes and interactive activities. ¡Vamos a practicar!

Downloadable materials

Vocabulary lists, useful expressions, and the best Spanish resources in PDF.

My teaching methodology

Communicative Proficiency

I prioritize practical communication skills. My method emphasizes real-world scenarios, encouraging students to engage in conversations, express ideas, and comprehend Spanish in everyday contexts. This approach accelerates language acquisition and builds confidence in using Spanish in diverse situations.

Interactive Learning

My courses are designed to be dynamic and engaging. Interactive activities and multimedia resources are integral to every lesson. I believe that active participation enhances comprehension and makes the learning experience enjoyable. That’s why you will be required to take an active role in my courses!

Cultural Fusion

Discover the richness of the Spanish-speaking world beyond just language. My method incorporates cultural immersion, exposing students to the vibrant traditions, customs, and nuances that make Spanish a living, breathing entity. Gain not only linguistic proficiency but also a deep appreciation for Hispanic culture.

What my amazing students say ❤️

I have been having Spanish conversation lessons with Andrea for a year. She is a fantastic teacher and is always well prepared for the lesson and provides excellent and interesting content. Various interesting grammar exercises often lead to spontaneous conversations covering a wide range of subjects. I enjoy my lessons with Andrea very much and it has given me more confidence to speak Spanish!

Liz The UK

Andrea is wonderful! She's patient and is great at slowing things down to help you understand better. She has tailored our lessons to my skills and I'm getting more and more comfortable. Looking forward to continuing with her!

Becky The USA

We have been learning Spanish online with Andrea for about 18 months and we just keep improving! Our ability to converse, listen and actually understand is improving week after week. We really enjoy our lessons with Andrea, she is always positive, fun and she mixes the lessons up so we never get bored!

Ron & Nicole Australia

I began taking classes with Andrea around August of 2020. My goal was to become proficient enough in Spanish to go to Spain and converse naturally with the people I would meet. I took classes once a week for many months, and in October 2021 I went to Spain and passed my "test" with the locals I met. Classes are fun and I continue to study with her, even after my return.

Stephen The USA

    I am committed to helping you achieve your language goals, and I will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your learning journey. Whether you need additional practice exercises, feedback on your progress, or advice on how to improve, I am always here to help.

    Andrea Alegre

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